Welcome to MIDWEST Fabricating Inc.

We specialize in tubular & sheet metal fabrication of exhaust manifolds, as well as all other tubular related automotive components, and press break bending of brackets for the automotive industry. We fabricate, stuff mount, and tourniquet wrap convertors of all shapes and sizes. We can also fabricate & instrument prototype vehicle exhausts systems and manifolds. Fabricate inconel exhaust for catalyst aging, as well as many dyno exhaust applications. We offer Sheet metal stampings of heat shields, catalyst cans, skid plates and more.

Some of our Machines include:

  • Hydraulic Four Post 200 Ton Press
  • Accupress 10 ft. Press Brake
  • Haas CNC Milling Center
  • Four ft. Tennsmith Power Slip Rolls
  • Huth Tubing Expander
  • 11,000 lbs. Vehicle Hoist
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Leblond Lathe
  • Haberle Metal Cutting Cold Saw
  • 10' Hydraulic Metal Shear
  • Eagle End Forming Machine
  • 5 Ton Over Head Crane

Phone: 734-921-3914